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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

What does it take to repair an iPhone 12 screen?

What does it take to repair an iPhone 12 screen?

Winter holidays are coming, and everybody is preparing for Christmas and New Years' celebrations. Tons of gifts and presents are going to be shared among friends and relatives. You have your own sugarplums at this time of the year too, but your parents are too picky when it comes to giving you the appropriate gift for your age.


Anyhow, after constant pleading and relentless requests, they finally agree to buy you the latest iPhone in the market, which is the ‘iPhone 12’. You are super happy about it and showing off to friends and family. But one day, you drop your phone accidentally, and your phone screen shatters into pieces.


The new phone would cost another thousand bucks and screen replacements ain’t cheap either. So what do you do? Do you go back to your parents for money and get scolded for something they gifted you out of love, affection, and trust? Or do you save up some extra pocket money for the next 6 months, which is a long process?


What to do now?


We at Digital Supply USA have just the procedures and steps necessary to fix your iPhone 12 without emptying your pockets. We provide outstanding services with free shipping through experts and professionals at guaranteed low prices.


Although, sometimes we feel more secure about fixing the thing with our own hands. We tend to do this out of human curiosity and for our own satisfaction. So for that, we would like to give you some advice on how to replace the damaged screen of the iPhone 12. But first, let us talk about the specifications of iPhone 12 that would help you give a better overview:-

  • Platform -
    • OS - it has iOS 14.1 which is upgradable upto iOS 14.2
    • Chipset - it has a 5nm driver with Apple A14 Bionic
    • CPU - it has Hexa-core in which 2x3.1 GHz Firestorm is available with 4x1.8 GHz Icestorm
    • GPU - it has a 4  core graphics APPLE GPU


  •  Display -
    •  it has HDR10 with HDR10.It also has 625 nits (typ), 1200 nits (peak) Super Retina XDR, HDR10
    • Resolution - it has a pixel density of 460 ppi density with 1170 x 2532 pixels and aspect ratio of 19.5:9 ratio
    • Size - its size is 6.1 long and with 86% screen to body ratio
    • Protection - scratch resistant ceramic glass, oleophobic coating

                                  White color gamut

                                  Dolby Vision


  • Camera -
    • Main Camera - 12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS, 1.4µm,

                                            12 MP, f/2.4,, 13mm (ultrawide),

                                            It has dual-tone LED flash, HDR



    • Selfie Camera - 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide),

                                              SL 3D

                                              HDR 4K, gyro EIS

  •  Memories -
    • 64GB
    • 128GB
    • 256G
    • All comes with 4GB varient

So now, you have a half-broken phone, and you want to take the matter into your own hands rather than taking it at the official Apple store. Which, in this case, would save up a few hundred bucks and time. Apple has released the cost of repairing an iPhone 12, which is $279, and it's ridiculously high.

If you are tight on the budget, then here are some steps you can follow to fix the iPhone 12 screen:-


Getting started (Steps) :

* Pentalobe screws removal

  1. Power Off your iPhone 12 first
  2. After that, remove the two pentalobe screws placed at the bottom of the phone placed next to the charging port
  3. Use a magnet to trap the screws in place, so you don't lose it.


* Display removal

  1. Lift up the display gently by using a suction cup.
  2. Insert a thin spatula in between the screen and the metal body frame and lift it up.Carefully apply pressure on all the edges in an upward direction
  1. Carefully apply pressure on all the edges else the display might crack


* Adhesive removal from the screen

  1. Use a metal spudger to break the adhesive that's holding the display and frame together
  1. While doing this, make sure you don't damage the plastic clips inside
  2. Remove the adhesive that's lining the frame after lifting the display


* Remove Connectors

  1. You need to remove all the metal connectors that's placed under the metal cover
  2. Use a plastic spatula to remove the connectors


* Remove the next two screws

  1. Gently remove the next two screws
  2. Use a magnet to store the screws
  3. Remove the metal chip


* Remove the other connectors

  1. There would be another metal covering under the connectors thats needs to be


  1. Again, use the thin metal spatula to remove the connectors


* Separating the display from a metal body

  1. Now, you have a completely separated screen with the metal body frame of the

        iPhone 12.

  1. Get a new display that will replace the old broken screen.


* Putting everything back together

  1. Attach the speaker assembly and proximity sensor to the new display screen in reverse order.
  2. Tighten up the screws with the metal frame.


* Reattach the logic board

  1. Attach the microphone cable back in its bracket beside the speakers.
  2. Connect them to the logic board.


* Connect the rest of the connectors

  1. Place the screws by flipping the assembly back to their slots.
  2. Reconnect the Speaker and other sensor cables to the motherboard.
  3. Connect the metal covers that cover the connectors properly.


Final Step

  1. Reattach the touch screen and digitizer cable at the bottom and then place the

        OLED display cable back to its slot.

  1. Connect the battery cable and screw the metal brackets back together.
  2. When everything is connected, close the metal frame by applying pressure on the

        Display. Do it carefully from all the edges.

  1. Close all the gaps and screw the pentalobe screw back together in their respective places.

With that being said, all that matters is precision and experience of how well you can execute this task of tearing down iPhone 12. New displays are available at our website at affordable prices. You can even get them fixed by sending your broken unit to us, where our professional experts can fix it with free shipping.

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