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We work on the ground with people living in poverty to make a practical difference, we gather evidence and share knowledge to show what works and what needs to change. From world leaders to multi-national corporations, we challenge opinions and change practices, locally and globally, to bring about lasting results.

Here you'll find a wide selection of reports and papers on the programming, advocacy and research that we undertake in order to achieve our aims. You can browse and download publications by topic and/or date.

Latest publications


  • People from yemen suffering food security crisis

    Missiles and Food: Yemen’s man-made food security crisis

    20 December 2017
  • Container at Schisto reception facility. Photo: Pantelia /CARE

    Transitioning to a government-run refugee and migrant response in Greece

    13 December 2017
  • Annabelle Alemania, 42yrs, stands with 2 of her 7 children infront of her small variety store (in her home) in the Guadalupe Resettlement Site, Tacloban North, Philippines

    Taxing for shared prosperity: policy options for the Asia-Pacific region

    8 December 2017
  • Despite an impressive economic growth since 2005, poverty still affects millions of people’s lives in Kenya.

    Taxing for a more equal Kenya: a five-point action plan to tackle inequality

    6 December 2017
  • captura_de_pantalla_2017-12-18_a_las_12.24.46.png

    Mobilising domestic resources to help Mali’s poorest populations

    6 December 2017
  • Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

    How Europe can invest for good in Africa

    23 November 2017
  • Photo: Kieran Doherty

    Testing community consent: Tullow Oil project in Kenya

    8 November 2017
  • In the wake of the Panama Papers scandal in 2016, tax campaigners turned London's Trafalgar Square into a tropical tax haven, putting pressure on world leaders to take action on tax dodging. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

    Stopping the Scandals: five ways governments can end tax avoidance

    8 November 2017
  • bp-uprooted-climate-change-displacement-021117-cover.jpg

    Uprooted by climate change

    2 November 2017
  • father facing their poor village close to luxury apartments

    Redefining inclusive growth in Asia

    1 November 2017
  • A woman in Tsholotsho District in Zimbabwe is participating in a pilot project to develop drought-resistant crops and learn simple methods to effectively grow produce (2016). Photo: Sven Torfinn/Oxfam Novib.

    Financing women farmers

    12 October 2017
  • Dirty water in Kutupalong Camp Extension

    Great expectations: is the IMF turning words into action on inequality?

    10 October 2017
  • Hodan Abdi Mohammed, 45, has lost all of her six children and her husband during the drought in Somaliland. Photo: Petterik Wiggers/Oxfam

    From early warning to early action in Somalia

    1 October 2017
  • foto_capa_-_apu_gomes_220x150.jpg

    The distance that unites us: an overview of Brazilian inequalities

    24 September 2017