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  • Former heads of state and Nobel laureates call on President Biden to waive intellectual property rules for COVID vaccines

    14 April 2021
  • Slight increase in aid only a drop in the ocean to combat the Covid-19 crisis

    12 April 2021
  • Timor-Leste’s most destructive floods in recent memory likely worsened by climate change: Oxfam

    12 April 2021
  • G20 fails on promise to rebalance the global economy and provide major relief: Oxfam reaction

    7 April 2021
  • Failure to vaccinate globally could cost up to $2,000 per person this year in rich nations

    6 April 2021
  • Oxfam welcomes IMF's call to tax the rich to fund COVID-19 recovery

    1 April 2021
  • Pledges fail Syrians

    30 March 2021
  • Event: the EU and the fight against tax havens 

    25 March 2021
  • Saudi-led Coalition allows ships to Hudaydah Port in Yemen: Oxfam reaction

    24 March 2021
  • EU leaders should stop squabbling and overrule pharma monopolies to boost supply

    24 March 2021
  • Massive fire in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps leaves 45,000 people displaced

    24 March 2021
  • G7 finance ministers agree to support new IMF allocation of SDRs: Oxfam reaction

    19 March 2021
  • After five years of failed asylum policies, it is time for the EU to do better

    18 March 2021
  • The world’s largest food and beverage companies and their suppliers must do more to create an equitable and sustainable food system for all

    17 March 2021
  • Rich countries block COVID-19 vaccines waiver at World Trade Organization - Oxfam reaction

    11 March 2021
  • Rich nations vaccinating one person every second while majority of the poorest nations are yet to give a single dose

    10 March 2021