Our finances and accountability

Ulita Mutambo’s husband Muchineripi Sibanda helps her hang up laundry outside their home in Ture Village, Zvishevane region, Zimbabwe.  Credit: d'Unienville/Oxfam

In 2018-19 we worked directly with 19.5 million people in our programs worldwide, 52% of whom were women and girls. For every euro received, we spent more than two thirds on our humanitarian, development, and campaigning programs worldwide. 

Nearly 70 cents per Euro on saving and improving lives, on fighting inequality to beat poverty, and on building a better future for all.

      Total funds available  2018/19*           Total expenditure 2018/19

                1,018 million euros                                              998 million euros

*Figures represent CONSOLIDATED income across the Confederation (19 affiliates plus the Oxfam International Secretariat).

Income & Expenditure - the ins and outs

Where the money comes from

Over 80% of our funding came from Institutional and Public fundraising.

Expenditure Oxfam 2018-2019

Where we spend the money

We work with people, communities, partners, and allies on six continents building a better future for all.

Oxfam expenditure per region pie chart 2018-2019

*The category “Other” includes Regional Level Allocations for: Africa; Horn, East & Central Africa; Latin America & the Caribbean; as well as program spend in Western Europe and North America.

Our reach and scale - where your money goes

Expenditure Oxfam chart by change goal 2018-2019

Shamima Nasreen (43, on left) and some of her co-workers. Shamima Nasreen is founder of SBGSKF, an organisation that lobbies for better and fairer working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh. Credit: Saikat Mojumder/Oxfam

Every day, everywhere, all over the world, people who are marginalized struggle with multiple forms of discrimination, many of which are based on gender.  Women are often the first to go hungry and the last to have a value attached to their work. In 2018-19 we spent 82.3 million Euros continuing our work to advance Gender Justice. We worked with more than 570 partners on 218 projects worldwide, reaching 750,000 people. We have worked with them to raise their voices everywhere, to learn from and be led by women, to improve their access to essential services and resources, to empower them in achieving sustainable livelihoods to lift themselves out of poverty, and to bring an end to gender-based violence.

Our worldwide ENOUGH campaign, which aims to change social norms and end violence against women and girls, is now active in over 30 countries.

What are supermarkets doing to protect the people who produce our food? Photo: Adrian Mulya/TheSustainable Seafood Alliance Indonesia

Working with 991 partners, we reached 2 million people through more than 400 projects as we fought for a fair and sustainable food system that works for everyone, and a fair share of the natural resources we all need to live. We supported small-scale farmers — especially women—and we stood up with indigenous communities to fight for their land rights.

We called on supermarkets, traders, and governments to do more to end the poverty and suffering behind the food we eat. We asked them to stand with us alongside small-scale food producers and the vulnerable workers who so often remain forgotten by those at the other end of the food supply chain. Since the campaign launch, more than 230,000 people in 100 countries took action.

And we stood up together for climate action. We worked hard to bring the voices of those most vulnerable and most affected by climate change into the international conversation and we worked with vulnerable communities to build resilience, so they can prepare better for the uncertainties to come.

Girl while filling her jerrycan with water in one of the water points constructed by Oxfam in an Amran governorate village, Yemen. Credit: Sami M Jassar/Oxfam

We spent 238 million Euros saving lives, responding to emergencies caused by conflicts, disasters, and climate change. We reached 12.4 million people worldwide through 592 partner organizations. We helped rebuild livelihoods after a powerful earthquake caused immense damage in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, in September 2018 and we responded to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in March 2019.  We supplied water, sanitation, and other urgent and essential aid to places like Yemen, where famine looms and waterborne diseases such as cholera threaten further devastation of lives.

Our Commitment to Accountability

One of the underlying purposes of coming together as Oxfam International is to spend less and achieve more. 

As an organization, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable and being transparent in all areas of our work; including to our donors and beneficiaries on how we spend your money. It is only by reviewing our spending against results that we can learn and do even better in the future.

Our review processes and internal control systems are carried out by professionally qualified staff. We run real time evaluations and thorough program reviews, we welcome discussion and input from all quarters. To examine our spending, results, and evaluation processes more closely download our annual report and our Program Evaluation