food insecurity

  • Achta, from Chad, had to flee, following attacks by armed groups. Now she lives in a site for internally displaced people.

    Facing impossible choices: women bear the brunt of hunger

    12 October 2021
  • Reaction to Global Food Crises Report

    5 May 2021
  • COVID-19: 50 million people threatened by hunger in West Africa

    21 April 2020
  • Hunger is spiralling, but has fallen off the political agenda

    15 July 2019
  • Mona, who fled the frontlines three years ago, can give only bread and tea to her children, the youngest of whom is malnourished. Photo: Sami Jassar/Oxfam in Yemen.

    Yemen's shattered food economy and its desperate toll on women

    6 February 2019